Thursday, April 10, 2008

Franklin's Brewery, Restaurant and General Store

For the past two Saturdays we have gone to Franklin's
Brewery, Restaurant and General Store
in Hyattsville,
with some baseball buddies---a couple and their two
sons. This place is a true gem of Prince George's
County. Franklin's has their own brewed beer for the
grown-ups (Rubber Chicken Red and Bombshell Blonde are
our general faves), burgers and fries and root beer
floats for the kids, spinach salads, chipotle pork,
coconut curried chicken, and many other interesting
and fine entrees. We've generally stayed away from the
desserts in favor of the wide array of hard-to-find
chocolates and other candies in the adjacent general
store. The store also sells all manner of quirky,
smart, rebellious magnets, bumper stickers, toys,
mugs, etc. My favorite was the coffee mug that turns
from the 2004 election map of red state/blue state
to completely blue state when you add hot coffee. I'll
have to get that one on the next visit. This time I
contented myself with the Dolfin dark chocolate with
white pepper and cardamom
. Best. Chocolate. EVER!

I see that one can order 5 bars for 10$ and something on but I think I'll opt for patronizing Franklin's
some more to fill my stash. However, my choco-friend in
San Diego is in for a treat.

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Mr Squid said...

Franklins is an amazing place isn't it. My only complaint is that they often seem to be out of the dark beers.