Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Greenbelt is Awesome! Ashely and Justin

This is a shout-out to Justin and Ashley from
the Greenbelt Youth Center. Justin and Ashley
have been entertaining my young, active son and his
compatriots over the last few summers, spring breaks
and school holidays by organizing day camps with a
dazzling array of cool experiences.

This is Spring Break week, but we aren't able to
take time off work and travel this year. Just like
last year, and the year before. So Spring Break Camp
is a godsend for us: it's local, reasonably priced,
and staffed by cool, responsible college-age folks
like Ashley and Justin. So far this week they have
made pottery, gone roller skating and bowling. Today
they will jump around in moon-bounces and the like,
then it's off to the pool. Tomorrow they're off to
Baltimore for a tour of the Maryland Science Center,
complete with IMAX film. Friday they have a special
guest named Jungle Jim (who presumably talks about
animals and brings a few along for the fun), and a
picnic type close-out event. What a great week!

The icing on the cake? SportsBoy wants to have a
football game as part of his (much belated) birthday
party. I've been dragging my feet at the thought
of pulling that together. But I did notice in the
Greenbelt activities brochure that a new party theme
being offered this year is "sports party." "Tell me
about the sports party thing" I said to Ashley at
pick-up time last night. "Justin and I run the sports
parties. What dates are you interested in?" It was
music to my ears. They can do a flag football game,
and SportsBoy will be delighted that two of his fave
grown-ups will be running the show.

Greenbelt comes through again, this time thanks to
Ashley and Justin.

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