Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin makes my skin crawl

Ew. Are we really seriously living in a country where half the
people are ready to vote for McCain/Palin? Sarah Palin didn't
even know what "Charlie" was referring to in the ABC News
interview on September 11 when he asked her if she agreed with
the Bush doctrine. It's pretty important. It's the bit about
pre-emptive strikes. The bit that "justified" us attacking Iraq
when, as it turns out, they were not a threat to us. And had
nothing to do with the September 11th attacks.

Sarah Palin thinks Iraq is God's war. Just google it.

Sarah Palin thinks creationism should be taught "alongside"
science in schools. Here come the dark ages, folks.

Sarah Palin appears to favor taking away a woman's ability to
choose an abortion, even in the most extreme cases such as
pregnancy due to rape or incest. And she's a big fan of
abstinence-only sex "education". And she has a pregnant
teen-age daughter. But you can't talk about that. That's
considered unfair. Come on. Pregnant teenage daughters are
the direct result of abstinence only sex education. Most
teenagers desperately desire sex. And they're young. And
abstinence and/or good decision making is hard even when
you're not young. Just ask John Edwards. Please. If you're
gonna take away the right to an abortion, please let us
chat about the condoms.

Sarah Palin has no relevant experience to lead this country.
And John McCain is old and has had some cancer. He's likely
to die in office if they win. And she will be our disastrous

She will succeed in only one way. She will succeed in assuring
that George Bush does not go down as the worst US President
in the history of the Earth.

That's all.

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