Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's been a while!

Summer solstice here and gone. My beloved Greenbelt
Indians have advanced to the final game in the winner's
bracket in the playoffs. My beloved New Deal Cafe has
a new and very tasty lease on life with the addition
of Chef Karim and his delightful Middle Eastern menu.
And I am completely impressed and enthused by the new
and wonderful Greenbelt Farmers' Market every Sunday
morning. I am also impressed with Camp Pine Tree this
summer and the wonderful aftercare options, from the
skateboarding, to the team sports, to the art adventure
to the book clubs.

There are lots and lots of homes for sale in Greenbelt.
Little row houses part of the Greenbelt Homes Incorporated
(GHI) cooperative. This is a community where you can walk
to everything, including a beautiful lake, well stocked
supermarket and a fun pool and fitness center. Not to
mention the library, the agricultural research center and
several baseball fields. And community gardens. And a
nice elementary school. Being able to walk to all these
things means you don't need to drive as much. You use
less gas. On top of that, these little houses are efficient:
you don't need to heat and cool a large space. And you
don't have a lot of space to accumulate junk, so you
spend less. This is the ultimate Green Town. I'm glad
it's named Greenbelt. I encourage all DC area residents
looking to reduce their ecological footprint to consider
buying a GHI in our fine town. You will have warm, wonderful
neighbors, and lots to do.