Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fans in the flesh

If you want to see a photograph of hundreds of happy disrobed Barenaked Ladies fans on the deck of a ship in the middle of the Great Big Sea, then check out TourPhotographer David Bergman's blog posting with the photographic evidence.

I'm in there. Wearing..., well..., whatever.

David Bergman takes some of the most amazing band shots and sports photos I've ever seen. A genius with the camera. His blog is fun to poke around.

Friday, February 15, 2008

More Shared Photos

More Other People's Photos.

Steve and Ed share a moment after their first Sail Away Concert. Fans give it a thumbs up!

Steve wears his green dress well.

Ed wears his blue speedo well.

Tyler sings!

Two fine friends.

These photos are taken by others. All have been entered in
the Shiver Me Shutters photo contest so I hope it is okay
to reproduce them here.

I'm having trouble copying them into this blog. Here goes.

I loved Ships and Dip 3 (BNL cruise)

I am still very blissed out by my 5-day cruise
with my Ladie Friends. Both my 3 awesome roomies,
and the 5 Canadian lads of Barenaked Ladies. Here
here is one of my favorite Other People's Photos. Great
photos have been entered in the Ships and Dip 3
Shiver Me Shutters photo contest. It was dreamy.
I can't wait for next time!